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CADS (Comprehensive Assessment of Domain Security) By popular demand Maine CWP Training is now offering CADS commencing *at your home or office domain. Maine CWP Training™ will assess your premises with you to determine potential security deficiencies and situational awareness. We define strategies you should employ in your domain and beyond. *Priced within 50 miles of our Harrison office. Consideration offered at greater distances.

2021 trending 74% of our clients are confident empowered women-

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During this domain visit we will introduce the non-shooting portion of our Fundamental Handgun Safety and Proficiency course with our SIRT laser pistol and your unloaded firearm or ours. *If your premises lends safe live fire shooting we will offer 100-round instruction there too. Otherwise we schedule live fire exercises and range qualifications 7-days a week by appointment.

“Paul was a terrific mentor giving us confidence in our own home and business environments. His commitment to our needs was like he knew the appreciation we would have empowering our abilities beyond our expectations. We would welcome back into our home and business anytime.” Cristy G. and Tonya L. 

Moreover CADS includes our NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home routinely scheduled at MDW Guns in Waterford Maine including our premier Firearms and the Law with our esteemed colleague attorney John Chapman. We provide you access to our password protected Firearm Law Issues page enabling you 24/7 access to existing laws in real time.

CADS (Comprehensive Assessment of Domain Security) exceeds credential requirements to apply for your Multi-State Maine Concealed Handgun Permit. Unique course setting in your own domain allows you to evaluate and experience our guidance in the comfort of your daily routine.

By far this is our most comprehensive offer established by the data extracted from comprehensive Course Evaluations,10,000+ clients completed from all 16 Maine counties and 50 states. All economically valued at $350 per person or $500 per couple.







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