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Select the Maine CWP Training™ in Harrison NRA Certified Handgun Courses you desire below to suit your specific needs. All of our Certified Handgun Safety in Harrison courses credential you to apply for your Multi-State Maine Concealed Handgun Permit! Private range instruction at no extra charge! Personal Protection in the Home by Maine Handgun Courses in Scarborough are scheduled at Cabela’s. Maine CWP Training™ in Poland Spring conducts Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency course for new Shooters& Pistol Owners and Range Qualifications are scheduled at our preferred indoor range before they’re open to the general public. Firearm Safety Begins With You ~ We Aim To Please ~ Maine NRA Certified Handgun Safety Courses.


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Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency and Range Qualifications Scheduled 7-Days a Week by Appointment for Your Convenience

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting None Scheduled

NRA Personal Protection in the Home $100 June 30th at Cabela’s, Maine! Includes Cabela’s Law in Scarborough.

Firearms and the Law  $35 June 30th Cabela’s, Maine ***Stand Alone Not Eligible For Permit. We developed Cabela’s Law in Harrison

Special Combined Offer I $135 June 30th Cabela’s, Maine Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency with our NRA Certified Firearms and the Law

Special Combined Offer II$200 June 30th Cabela’s Maine Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency with our NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home *Special Combined Offer II~Two Individuals For The Price of One Special Now Through June 30th ~ Call For Details

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