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Maine Firearms Law $35

Civilian Justified Use of Non-Deadly & Deadly Force

Maine Firearms Law provides laws relating to permits to carry concealed handguns. Civilian defense of people, places, property and law enforcement with Portland attorney John W. Chapman. This three-hour comprehensive module is a power packed real life delivery on how the law affects you and your decisions, when employing a firearm for self-defense. Never seen before because of your “Total Participant Involvement” 

VIDEO Maine State Police, “DOES NOT ACCEPT ONLINE COURSES,” for your Concealed Handgun Permit Applications and, strongly recommends that all persons carrying firearms be familiar with firearms safety and the circumstances under which deadly force may be used.

*Maine CWP Training™ has quality firearms and ample ammunition for your course needs and desires. No rental fee for firearm use and cleaning demonstration, $40 ammunition fee (You may provide your own) for required, private 100 round live fire performance demonstrations.

***Stand Alone Not Eligible For Permit***

Who, What, When Where and How To Concealed Carry a Handgun in the State of Maine and Beyond

Maine Firearms Law

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Maine CWP Training™ LLC Course Offers 2022 Daniel Petit Frere Maine Firearms Law Credentials

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This is a module included with our NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home

NEXT AVAILABLE DATES: MDW Guns in Waterford. These classes will fill up quickly so signup today! $35

We also give you the tools to access local, state and federal firearm related laws 24/7 at your leisure.

Maine Firearms Law: Justified Use of Deadly and Non-Deadly Force $35 ~ ***Does not credential you to apply for your Maine Concealed Handgun Permit Drugs greatest Threat in Maine

Maine Firearms Law Summary–

Civilian Justified Use of Non- Deadly & Deadly Force
 Carry In 34-States With Your Maine Resident Concealed Handgun Permit

Carry in 34-States with your Maine Resident Concealed Handgun Permit


          Students will be able to locate the Maine Criminal Code online and use the Maine CWP Training website to find statutory provisions about use of force.

          Students will understand the concepts of “necessity”, “reasonable belief” “Imminent”, “deadly force”, recklessness and negligence.  Students will understand where and how “dwelling place” rules apply to the use of force.  Students will know how to acquire reasonable belief from “five senses” and reliable information.

          Students will understand the FIVE situations where deadly force may be used to protect persons, TWO situations where deadly force may be used to protect premises, and TWO situations where deadly force may be used in law enforcement situations by private persons.  They will understand the reasons cutting against citizens’ arrest with a firearm. They will understand the situations where firearms may be used to protect persons and property from dogs and wild animals.

          Students will understand the limits on use of force, including provocation, retreat, claim of right to property and warning.  Students will be able to apply the concept of “reckless harm to innocent 3rd persons” in “active shooter” situations, and less imminent situations.

          Students will learn the alternatives to the use of deadly force, e.g.  threats, legal avenues, non-deadly force and retreat.

          Students will understand how and when the threatened use of deadly force may be justified as “non deadly force”.  Students will learn the typical situations where the Code justifies civilian use of non-deadly force.

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