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Fryeburg Fish & Game (Outdoor Range)

Fryeburg Shooting Range

Fryeburg Shooting Range Open to Public Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday 9-5 ~ Please Visit Our Course & Products Page

NRA Certified Range Safety Officer



Shooters will be encouraged to wear cloth face coverings in addition to eye and hearing protection (by signage)

The maximum number of shooters that can use the range at any one time is the number that can be accommodated by leaving one vacant lane between shooters. If additional people come to shoot, we will institute a 1-hour shooting limit protocol. Any additional people beyond those that can be accommodated on the range at one time will sign-up on a waiting list. Each person will be assigned a number and be asked to either come back in an hour or wait inside their vehicles.

***CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES. Fryeburg Fish & Game manages the day to day operations and coordinates required NRA Certified Volunteer Range Safety Officers, a daunting task at times. I will be volunteering as NRA Certified Range Safety Officer at the Fryeburg Shooting Range open to the Public every Monday 9-1

Stop on by and hone your skills. RANGE IS FREE to the public as long as there is an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer credentialed by the State of Maine on the premises. The range is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday 9-5 at this point in time.

If the Range Open Sign is not at the end of Fish & Game Rd. and or there is not a State of Maine Credentialed NRA Certified Range Safety Officer on Site No Shooting is Allowed. The range depends on volunteer Range Safety Officers and on occasion their private events prevent them from covering their scheduled range coverage.

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Fryeburg Shooting Range



The Fryeburg Rifle Range
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