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NRA Certified Firearms Law, Civilian Justified use of Non-Deadly and Deadly Force in defense of people, premises, property and law enforcement 4-hour presentation. This page has thousands of hours of research and maintenance and password protected access due to past Copyright and Trademark infringements. Most noteworthy all available 24/7 for our clients personal use. Select your course HERE Complete APPLICATION  make Secure Online Payment.


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NRA Certified Firearms and the Law Civilian Justified Use of Non-Deadly & Deadly Force

Defense of people, premises, property and law enforcement with our esteemed colleague attorney John Chapman. This three hour comprehensive module is a power packed real life delivery on how the law affects you and your decisions, when employing a firearm for self defense. Never seen before because of your “Total Participant Involvement” at Cabela’s Bass Pro Shops Maine

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With a Maine Concealed Handgun Permit, possession of your concealed handgun  within 1000′ of a Public or Parochial School property line is not prohibited by law? NRA Certified Firearms Law tools provide essential justification knowledge.

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Summary – Private Citizen Use of Non- Deadly & Deadly Force


          NRA Certified Firearms and the Law students will be able to locate the Maine Criminal Code online, and use the Maine CWP Training™ website to find statutory provisions about use of force.

          Students will understand the concepts of “necessity”, “reasonable belief” “Imminent”, “deadly force”, recklessness and negligence.  Students will understand where and how “dwelling place” rules apply to the use of force.  Students will know how to acquire reasonable belief from “five senses” and reliable information.

          Students will understand the FIVE situations where deadly force may be used to protect persons, TWO situations where deadly force may be used to protect premises, and TWO situations where deadly force may be used in law enforcement situations by private persons.  They will understand the reasons cutting against citizens’ arrest with a firearm. They will understand the situations where firearms may be used to protect persons and property from dogs and wild animals.

          Students will understand the limits on use of force, including provocation, retreat, claim of right to property and warning.  Students will be able to apply the concept of “reckless harm to innocent 3rd persons” in “active shooter” situations, and less imminent situations.

          Students will learn the alternatives to the use of deadly force, e.g.  threats, legal avenues, non-deadly force and retreat.

          Students will understand how and when the threatened use of deadly force may be justified as “non deadly force”.  Students will learn the typical situations where the Code justifies civilian use of non-deadly force in our NRA Certified Firearms Law.

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