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Cyndy Zills- Paul was a delightful gentlemen. He was respectful, caring and patient. I learned a lot from him and will keep on learning. I feel now a days a female should have the means to protect herself without relying on someone else. I walked away feeling much more confident than when I began. I will be target practicing often to feel even more confident. When you can combine knowledge, smiles and laughter you have achieved excellence in regards to teaching. Thank you, Paul.
Venetian2—Fundamental Handgun Safety and Proficiency training at Maine CWP Training was practical and fun. The instructor was professional, efficient, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Maine CWP Training for anyone interested in handgun training.
Hagen Blaszyk- Great experience, thank you very much. We loved the option to schedule everything individually to accommodate our busy schedules. Superb knowledge and patience, always responding almost immediately to emails with excellent follow-up. I can’t recommend it enough. Awesome.
Private Indoor Training
Greg Tisdale- Paul was absolutely AWESOME. The whole family had an absolutely great time. He was very knowledgeable and provided great information.
Meegan Swan, I had a delightful time learning how to handle a firearm safely. I feel more comfortable about knowing how to protect myself if need be. I was shown an eye-opening experience about how little time you have to be prepared if a situation did occur. Thank you so much for this experience. Absolutely recommended to everyone.
Fundamental Handgun Safety and Proficiency Course Client's First Shot
D R- Paul was an amazing instructor. My wife and I, both in our 60s and gun novices, have just completed the Fundamental Handgun Safety and Proficiency course. Paul gave us the knowledge and instruction to feel comfortable handling a gun safely and a good cornerstone to build on. We will take the Personal Protection in the Home course at the end of this month with Paul and look forward to the training to continue our knowledge of becoming safe, responsible, and proficient gun owners.
C Keefe is an excellent trainer with extreme knowledge and patience. I highly recommend Maine CWP for extreme novices or anyone with any level of experience.
Kuma D.- Paul is an amazing trainer who is calm and professional. Gave me great confidence and education in the safety priority of target shooting. I would recommend the class highly – especially for women.

Michael R.-Thank you again Paul, the class was excellent and informative. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions and showing me how to properly clean my gun. I’ve already recommended you to several people.

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John M: Your Innocence Depends On It
“Paul, thank you for your positive reflection in reference to my participation during your educational session of Firearms and the Law: Justification of Non-Deadly and Deadly Force. Your training session was thorough, informative and a must take training course for gun owners. Gun owners naturally focus on firearms proficiency and firearms safety, but all too often gun owners neglect a focus on learning about the law of self-defense. To complicate this deficit is the lack of course sessions offered by firearms trainers that focus on the justified use of force. However, you through Maine CWP Training provide gun owners with very valuable information. Information that informs gun owners how to remain legal if they ever have to go to their gun for self-protection will help to keep them out of jail.”

National Patriot's Medal

This private course was very rewarding as  Shynar became a legal United States Citizen  the day  before- Welcome  to  the United  States  of  America  Shynar!


Thank You


K P Would highly recommend Maine CWP Training. Paul was a very patient instructor and was very knowledgeable. He met us early at the range before they opened so we could have a private training was which very effective as we had a first time shooter in our group. We learned a lot from him. If you’re thinking about getting your concealed carry permit or just want to learn how to shoot, you can’t go wrong with this place.

Maine CWP Training Testimonials

Maria H. Thank you, Paul!  We had a great time and appreciated your guidance and patience.  You are truly a pro!

Liz D. That is amazing! I need to look into what’s offered for firearm safety knowledge for young kids at some point. I shot my first time with you guys here after competing a course ? so so so happy I did!


Paul is an excellent teacher – professional, calm and knowledgeable. As a woman I appreciate a person who makes me feel comfortable and frankly isn’t patronizing. Paul is great and so knowledgeable. He clearly loves what he does. Recommend him highly!!

“Paul was a terrific mentor giving us confidence in our own home and business environments. His commitment to our needs was like he knew the appreciation we would have empowering our abilities beyond our expectations. We would welcome back into our home and business anytime.” Cristy G. and Tonya L.

Thank you Paul!!! You have changed our lives. We now feel more confident and safer and are going to keep practicing the skills you taught us. I can’t tell you how appreciative we are. Can I give your company a good review somewhere? See you soon!!!


Private Indoor Training

NRA Golden Eagle

Lee Gerrish Nice certificate Paul. I have several years worth. I think the educational benefits far out weigh any other. I recommend anyone that really wants to be safe with their firearm call you. I have been shooting many different weapons for over 70 years and in that time I have seen many so called hunter make mistakes. Most of them never hunted or target practiced with me again. If you don’t want to do it right Don’t do it. Safety comes first. 

Gene Ellison

January 23 at 3:52pm · Lynnfield, MA ·

Paul Mattson will be hosting an NRA Personal Protection Course @ Cabela’s in Scarborough, Maine ! Paul is the best instructor and his class is fun & informative … this material could save your life ! Sign up !!!

Personal Protection Inside the Home Training

MAR31 NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home

Shawn Moody


Join the NRA

Had a great time visiting champions of the 2nd Amendment at the Augusta Gun Show! Maine has a long history of responsible firearm ownership and I will always support our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights.


Great course, legal portion was above and beyond any previous course I have taken. Much appreciated. Beyond Professional! Brian B.


Great Job. I appreciated the openness to questions and answers. This course was fantastic! Nick W.


Armed and Fabulous Ladies Clinic at Cabela’s-loved it! informative, comfortable, and every question answered. great experience! Samantha I.


Great class, great training. Submitted my CHP application to the OOB town hall, got my permit in 5 weeks!Thanks Paul! Bobby B.


Paul,  Many thanks for a great session today! Lots of good learning & confidence building – simply awesome!Paul C.


Hi Paul, Great class today I learned so much! All those “grey” areas are not grey any longer.M. Baker


Hi Paul, just wanted to let you know about this. We had an application and we sent the request to Riverview, as we always do. We hadn’t heard anything from them and ended up sending three requests. Finally, last week we received the response. We sent the first request in December. I think this is just not acceptable, but I don’t know how to address it. Keep up the good work! Chief Rob Federico


Once again Hope you are able to catch up on your paperwork today! I appreciate your expertise and instruction and I am very glad I attended the course yesterday. I appreciate the efforts of you, Atty. Chapman and the NRA. If you ever need a novice volunteer for any 2nd Amendment protection efforts please do not hesitate to contact me!Diane E.


Thank You! You are a fantastic teacher! I will not ever forget this day. I highly recommend this class. It was excellent.Celia T.



Thank you Paul Mattson!! I was put at ease by your knowledge and feel I gained much knowledge because of your teaching style. Thank you so much! Cynthia M.



Hi Paul, Thank you very much for your time & help yesterday at the Shooting Range. Looking forward to your class on February 16th. Donna A.


Hi Paul, Denise and I want to thank you for the excellent basic pistol course you gave us last Friday at the range in Poland. We learned a great deal and feel more confident about approaching the purchase of our first handgun.Steve M.


We would like to thank instructor Paul Mattson for his Excellent & Informative instruction at the range today. A holiday no less! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves & learned alot. Many Thanks! Brian & Lori Thank you for offering this necessary and life saving clinic. Barbara B.


Thank YOU for presenting this course. It was interesting and informative – a good beginning for those of us starting on the path to shooting. And thank you for inviting Lisa. Sandra S.


Had a very good NRA – Personal Protection in the Home course today. A lot of eye opening stuff. To my friends who teach or train in self defense – armed or unarmed, I highly suggest you get some instruction from a lawyer familiar with your jurisdiction on use of force. I have personally waded through the muck that constitutes the statutes here, but having a lawyer who understands it give you a walk through can give you a lot to consider. John Moore


I took this Course in December. I have to agree, well worth your time and money. I suggest that people take this training. Arthur Ingalls



Took the class yesterday at Cabelas. Great class, learned a lot from Paul. Thank you Paul for teaching the class and all the information provided!  Jeremy Doyle


NRA Top 10 Recruiter


Hi Paul! Thanks for keeping me updated on activity related to CWP issues. I can say that the police can get a background response within an hour or less in most cases. The real hold up seems to come when we have to send a request to “at least two” mental health institutions to find out if the applicant has been involuntarily committed to their facility. This sometimes takes up to six weeks. Once we get a response from them, the permit is issued immediately. Dorothea Dix seems to take the longest to get a response. Personally, I think this requirement is ridiculous and does nothing to ensure the applicant is mentally stable. If you think about all the ways this doesn’t work you would agree. First of all, the person could be committed in any other institution other than the two that are contacted and still be an “qualified” applicant. This includes a person who may have recently moved to Maine from another state. And, I think it’s foolish that a person could “voluntarily” commit themselves an unlimited number of times for a wide range of mental health issues and still be considered a “qualified” applicant. If some of these issues were resolved I think some who question the process, myself included, would feel a lot more comfortable signing their name to the CWP. By the way, the applicants that come here with your CWP card give me a lot more confidence that they are qualified to carry than those that don’t. Keep up the good work!  Chief Robert Federico



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