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Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency

Private Beginner and Experience Shooter Handgun Safety Training Scheduled Daily

*Now includes Optional Maine Firearms Law Private beginner to experienced shooter instruction beginning with our SIRT Laser Pistols, which are scheduled daily by appointment at MDW Guns Training Facility. Designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of one specific pistol action type. Includes safety instruction and required private range time learning to shoot a specific pistol action type or revolver employing tactical strategies

This Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency Training credentials you to apply for your Multi-State Maine Concealed Handgun Permit. Become the best trained and most confident in your personal and professional environments certified by Maine CWP Training™ LLC.

For Immediate assistance, we’re available 7 AM – 7 PM, 7 days a week, at 207-232-7063 or by email. 

2023 61% of our clients are confident, empowered women- 

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June's First 10-Shots After SIRT Laser Pistol Training    Firearm Owners Responsibility Own It - Respect It - Secure ItFree NRA Certified Lesson With Purchase of New Handgun Paul Mattson, NRA Certified Instructor and Range Safety Officer

*Maine CWP Training™ has quality firearms and ample ammunition for your course needs. There is no additional rental fee for quality firearm use. You can conveniently pick up your pre-packaged, approved ammunition for 100-round live fire range performance demonstrations on the range. 

Multi-State Maine Concealed Handgun Permit Credentials, With Our Fundamental Handgun Safety and Proficiency course for new pistol owners and shooters

                        Darlene's First Shot Ever After Fundamental Instruction We The People - Our National HeritageTactical Strategies Mastered

A Firearm Owners Responsibilities~

Above all, the Maine concealed carry class, Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency, demonstrates that safe firearm ownership is a valuable tool in defending our Second Amendment Rights.     

Americans enjoy a right citizens of many other countries do not have: the right to own firearms. But with this right comes a responsibility. The firearm owner is responsible for storing, operating, and maintaining his or her firearms safely and ensuring that unauthorized or untrained individuals cannot gain access to them.

Firearm owners are responsible for learning and obeying all applicable laws that pertain to the purchase, possession, and use of a firearm in their jurisdiction and other jurisdictions they visit. Firearms are neither safe nor unsafe by themselves. When people learn and practice responsible firearm ownership, firearms are safe.

Maine concealed carry class credentials allow you to apply for your Non-Resident or Resident Multi-State Maine Concealed Handgun Permit within 24 hours if you desire.

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