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Maine Firearms Law

Maine Gun Laws- Who, What, When, Where, and How to Concealed Carry a Handgun in the State of Maine and Beyond 

Maine Firearms Law provides laws relating to permits to carry concealed handguns. Certified Maine Firearms Law, Civilian Justified use of Non-Deadly and Deadly Force in defense of people, premises, property, and law enforcement. Presentation with our esteemed colleague, Attorney John Chapman, is available separately for $35.

All our NRA Certified Firearms Training courses at MDW Guns in Waterford are included. Premier authority on Maine gun laws 2008 – 2024, Justified Use of Force, and how do I get a concealed weapons permit? Above all, this page has hundreds of hours of research and maintenance and password-protected access due to past copyright and trademark infringements. Most noteworthy, they are available 24/7 for our clients’ personal use. Our In-person Maine Firearms Law module has no substitute, and it is standalone for $35. APPLICATION 

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Maine Firearms Law    Paul Mattson and Atorney John. W. Chapman presents Maine Firearms Law    Paul Mattson, NRA Certified Instructor, Range Safety Officer and Recruiter

  Maine Firearms Law, Civilian Justified Use of Non-Deadly and Deadly Force    MDW Guns and Private Training FacilityDaniel Petit Frere Maine Firearms Law Credentials

How do I get a concealed weapons permit? 

Maine Concealed Handgun Permit Application Links:

List of Towns the State Police Issue Concealed Handgun Permits – If your municipality isn’t listed, they are the issuing authority

In-State Concealed Handguns Permit Application (PDF)

Non-Resident Concealed Handguns Permit Application (PDF)

VIDEO Maine State Police “DOES NOT ACCEPT ONLINE COURSES” for your Concealed Handgun Permit Applications and strongly recommends that all persons carrying firearms be familiar with firearms safety and the circumstances under which deadly force may be used. 


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NRA Certified Firearms and the Law Civilian Justified Use of Non-Deadly & Deadly Force

In conclusion, our esteemed colleague, attorney John Chapman, explains key statutes regarding the defense of people, premises, property, and law enforcement. This three-hour comprehensive module is a power-packed real-life delivery. It explains how the law affects you and your decisions when using a firearm to defend yourself or innocent others. This has never been seen before because of your “Total Participant Involvement” at MDW Guns in Waterford on Waterford.                                                          

SAM and SAM-ILA preserve Maine’s outdoor heritage, including but not limited to hunting, fishing, trapping, and 2nd Amendment rights. We urge all visitors to this page to join one or both of these worthy institutions. Thank you for your consideration. Paul Mattson

We instill knowledge, skills, and attitudes based on solid foundations: 
  • Situational awareness
  • If you can avoid a physical confrontation in complete safety, do so
  • If you have time and distance when a potential confrontation is evident, call 911, don’t hang up, and provide as much information as possible. Keep the line of communication open until Law Enforcement arrives on the scene, even if you have to drop the phone

These simple measures and knowing the law will most likely provide you with tools to eliminate the need to pull the trigger to defend yourself and innocent others.

Did you know

With a Maine Concealed Handgun Permit, possession of your concealed handgun within 1000′ of a Public or Parochial School property line is not prohibited by law. NRA-certified firearms Law tools provide essential justification knowledge. Civilian Justified Use of Non-Deadly and Deadly Force.

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Life Liberty and the Pursuit of HappinessMaine Firearms Law Certificate

Summary – Private Citizen Use of Non-Deadly & Deadly Force


          NRA Certified Firearms and the Law students will be able to locate the Maine Criminal Code online and use the Maine CWP Training™ LLC website to find statutory provisions about the use of force.

          Students will understand the concepts of “necessity,” “reasonable belief,” “Imminent,” “deadly force,” recklessness, and negligence. They will also understand where and how “dwelling place” rules apply to the use of force. Finally, students will know how to acquire reasonable belief from the “five senses” and reliable information.

          Students will understand the FIVE situations where deadly force may be used to protect persons, TWO situations where deadly force may be used to protect premises, and TWO situations where private persons may use deadly force in law enforcement situations.  They will understand the reasons cutting against citizens’ arrest with a firearm. They will understand the situations where firearms may be used to protect persons and property from dogs and wild animals.

          Students will understand the limits on using force, including provocation, retreat, claim of right to property, and warning.  Students will be able to apply the concept of “reckless harm to innocent 3rd persons” in “active shooter” situations and less imminent situations.

          Students will learn the alternatives to using deadly force, e.g., threats, legal avenues, non-deadly force, and retreat.

          Students will understand how and when the threatened use of deadly force may be justified as “non-deadly force” and learn the typical situations in which the Code justifies civilian use of non-deadly force in our NRA-certified firearms Law.

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