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How to get a concealed carry permit in Maine | How to renew a concealed carry permit answers are on this page 

Concealed carry permit reciprocity, and permit renewal applications, Maine new or renew handgun permit application process provided below. Moreover, see Maine concealed carry reciprocity map below. 2023 Maine Gun Laws, our Multi-State Maine Concealed Handgun Permit training scheduled daily, provides Maine concealed carry permit application recourses including reciprocity, permitless carry and honored permit statutes. Experienced Shooter Private Development Session is ideal, Maine concealed carry permit renewal training. Includes Optional, Maine Firearms Law! Maine handgun permit application process can be completed easily with the process and appropriate links below for Non-Resident and Resident permit applications.

Maine CWP Training™ LLC exceeds these requirements daily by appointment-


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Benefits of Concealed Carry Permit

Carry In 34-States With Your Maine Resident Concealed Handgun Permit


Maine CWP Training™ LLC exceeds these requirements daily by appointment.


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 Carry In 31-States With Maine Resident Concealed Handgun Permit
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Maine CWP Training™ LLC exceeds these requirements daily by appointment.

Maine Muti-State Concealed Handgun Permit Applicants Must:

Demonstrate to the issuing authority a knowledge of handgun safety. The applicant may fully satisfy this requirement by submitting to the issuing authority, through documentation in accordance with this subparagraph, proof that the applicant has within 5 years prior to the date of application completed a course that included handgun safety offered by or under the supervision of a federal, state, county or municipal law enforcement agency or a firearms instructor certified by a private firearms association recognized as knowledgeable in matters of handgun safety by the issuing authority or by the state in which the course was taken. A course completion certificate or other document, or a photocopy, is sufficient if it recites or otherwise demonstrates that the course meets all of the requirements of this subparagraph.  

Serving all 16 Maine counties in 2021 including surrounding areas from Kittery to Lubec, including Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Augusta, Belgrade, Biddeford, Brunswick, Holden, Saco, Scarborough, South Portland, Standish, Windham, Westbrook, Vassalboro, Gorham, Falmouth, Buxton, Jay, Lewiston, Auburn, Bridgton, Norway, Casco, Poland, Bethel, Fryeburg, Lovell, Oxford, Gray, Naples, Waterford, Harrison and your location too! We Aim to Please 

How to Renew Your Concealed Carry Permit – Concealed Carry Application

Maine Concealed Handgun Permit Application Links:

List of Towns Maine State Police Issue Concealed Handgun Permits – If your municipality is not listed, your municipality is the issuing authority. *Search Municipality: Maine Concealed Handgun Permit in___________________? < Your Municipality

Maine Firearms Law

Maine Concealed Handguns Booklet(PDF)

In-State Concealed Handguns Permit Application (PDF)

Non-Resident Concealed Handguns Permit Application (PDF)

VIDEO Maine State Police, “DOES NOT ACCEPT ONLINE COURSESfor your Concealed Handgun Permit Applications and, strongly recommends that all persons carrying firearms be familiar with firearms safety and the circumstances under which deadly force may be used. 

Maine Concealed Carry Reciprocity Map

Reciprocity – Honor – Permitless Carry Permit Map

Maine Permictless Carry Limitations

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We love and cherish every child’s life and liberty. As adults, we all rely on our lifetime experiences as we nurture our children to enjoy life to the fullest without fear, while understanding circumstances may demand instant conscious decisions, to remain safe.
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Most important knowing, Civilian Justified use of Non-Deadly and Deadly Force in defense of people, premises, property and law enforcement is essential for all firearm owners. Our Maine Firearms Law presentation with our esteemed colleague, Attorney John Chapman is included with our NRA Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home MDW Guns in Waterford. Premier authority on Maine gun laws, Justified Use of Force and how do I get a concealed weapons permit? 

Maine Firearms Law

Concealed Carry Permit and Renewal Applications

Above all, our Maine Firearms Law page has hundreds of hours researching and maintenance, password protected access due to past Copyright and Trademark infringements. Most noteworthy all available 24/7 for our clients personal use. In person Maine Firearms Law module stand alone $35.

Summary – Private Citizen Use of Non- Deadly & Deadly Force


          NRA Certified Firearms and the Law students will be able to locate the Maine Criminal Code online, and use the Maine CWP Training™ website to find statutory provisions about use of force.

          Students will understand the concepts of “necessity”, “reasonable belief” “Imminent”, “deadly force”, recklessness and negligence.  Students will understand where and how “dwelling place” rules apply to the use of force.  Students will know how to acquire reasonable belief from “five senses” and reliable information.

          Students will understand the FIVE situations where deadly force may be used to protect persons, TWO situations where deadly force may be used to protect premises, and TWO situations where deadly force may be used in law enforcement situations by private persons.  They will understand the reasons cutting against citizens’ arrest with a firearm. They will understand the situations where firearms may be used to protect persons and property from dogs and wild animals.

          Students will understand the limits on use of force, including provocation, retreat, claim of right to property and warning.  Students will be able to apply the concept of “reckless harm to innocent 3rd persons” in “active shooter” situations, and less imminent situations.

          Students will learn the alternatives to the use of deadly force, e.g.  threats, legal avenues, non-deadly force and retreat.

          Students will understand how and when the threatened use of deadly force may be justified as “non deadly force”.  Students will learn the typical situations where the Code justifies civilian use of non-deadly force in our NRA Certified Firearms Law.


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